avocado, streaky bacon, tomato, baked egg sourdough 7.95

smoked salmon, scrambled egg, toasted sourdough 8.50

sausage, streaky bacon, sautéed potato, hogs pudding, field mushroom, fried duck egg, tomato, toast 7.95

halloumi, field mushroom, falafel, tomato, basil, poached egg, hollandaise 7.95

crab & prawn linguine crème fraiche, dill, lemon, chilli, sourdough 14.95

devon coast “moules frites” toasted sourdough 12.95

truffled mac ‘n’ cheese mushroom, garlic sourdough 12.95

slow cooked pork burger
smoked cheddar, crisp belly, cider apple chutney, onion rings, fries 12.95

“the haute dog”
chorizo & pork sausage, avocado, chilli, crisp onion, ranch dressing, fries 11.95

chiang mai pork curry
slow cooked pork belly, crisp skin, jasmine rice, roti, peanuts 15.50

market sandwiches

choice of bean shoot salad or fries

“ham & cheese” bagel
coppa ham, rarebit, confit mushroom 7.50

“salumi” BLT
smoked streaky bacon, vine tomato, gem lettuce, soft homemade bread 7.50

‘philly cheese steak’
toasted sourdough, roasted red peppers 7.95

smoked salmon bagel
pickled cucumber, dill, crème fraiche 7.95


“salumi” chicken caesar salad
crisp bacon, parmesan, anchovies, soft egg, gem lettuce, tapenade 12.95

roasted beetroot salad
golden, purple, candy beetroot, avocado, walnuts, goats curd, homemade salad cream, crisp duck egg 12.95


curried cauliflower & chickpea soup, kale pesto, toasted sourdough 6.50

yaki udon noodles, shiitake mushroom, mirin, soy, bean shoots, chinese cabbage, sesame 13.95


“salumi” charcuterie board
coppa ham, venison salami, bresola, black coombe ham, duck liver parfait, olives, pickles, sourdough

british cheese board
baron bigod, bath blue, morn dew, godminster cheddar, sweet pickled onion, quince, crackers, walnuts, sourdough

nibble cones, choice of three….
monkfish scampi, chips ‘n’ curry sauce, spiced falafel, candied nuts, spiced popcorn 6.50

light lunch

choice of bean shoot salad or fries

black fried squid
tamarind, chilli, green papaya, fried garlic, coriander 10.95

crisp rice fritters
mushroom, basil, mozzarella, tomato & tarragon mayonnaise 9.50

venison salami
shaved pear, walnut, gorgonzola 10.95

moroccan aubergine
harissa, honey, lime yoghurt, peanuts 8.95

crisp ale fried whitebait
garlic aioli 9.50

sides 3.95
bacon & blue cheese fries / fries / truffled mac ‘n’ cheese / spring greens mushroom & bacon / coronation slaw / creamed mash potato / beer battered onion rings / bean shoot salad / garlic sourdough