‘salumi’ charcuterie board 18.95
salumi (venison salami, coppa ham, bresola, black combe ham), pate, olives, pickles, sourdough

westcountry cheese board 18.95
baron bigod, morn dew, bath blue, godminster cheddar, chutney, sweet picked onion, quince, walnuts, crackers, sourdough

nibbles cones, choice of 3 6.95
monkfish scampi, spiced popcorn, chips n curry sauce, candied nuts, spiced falafels

the ‘barmans’ snack 6.95
‘cobble lane cured’ cabanas, cornichons, sourdough crackers, vintage english mustard, colton bassett stilton

these menus are intended as a guide and ingredients will change depending on availability and seasonality